About Us

Carpets are one of the important elements of interior design and decoration as they have always been. However, things are changing; new lifestyles are evolving, new trends are developing, user inclinations are changing. Carpets are more than just “venerable” household goods; they are seen as trendy decoration objects which can be changed easily. This makes Festival with collections that include over 200 patterns, colors, and features a brand name that represents the latest trends in decoration. The company has a large team of designers who make special creations for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Keep developing into a company that aims to contribute to economic development of the country and the region by paying taxes, provide employment in the region with investments, and meet customer satisfaction with high quality products and a constantly widening product range.

Become an industrial leader, a gradually developing corporation creating designs to constitute a model in Turkey, in harmony with the global development, and that gradually increases its revenue year by year.