Cleaning and Storing Your Carpet

We sell carpets are under Festival warranty coverage; so, please follow our recommendations to extend the useful life of your carpet without any problems.

  • Do not allow dust to accumulate between the piles of your carpet and clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner in regular intervals. All over the carpet should be cleaned at least twice a week; the carpet should be cleaned gently and moving slowly in the direction of the carpet’s fibers.
  • Avoid beating and shaking your carpet to clean, because these may damage your carpets texture.
  • Do not wash but wipe-clean your carpet. Wipe your carpet with a soft cloth and a good quality carpet shampoo in the direction of the piles without rubbing. Avoid using any tools like wire or plastic brushes.
  • Cleaning procedures that involve applications performed above 40˚C temperatures are not recommended. After cleaning, dry the carpet as quickly as possible, never leave it damp. Do not dry it under the hot sun.
  • Never use cleaning agents like detergents, abrasive cleaners, bleach, and acids to clean your carpet. These may damage the carpet’s texture, and cause decay.
  • After contact with any liquids, dry your carpet properly and as quick as possible to avoid deformation. Never hang, fold, or roll the wet carpet; lay it on a smooth surface, and let it dry. Do not expose it direct sunlight, and make sure that the piles and the surface of the carpet are completely dry before collecting it.
  • Stain forming liquid spills must be cleaned properly and immediately to avoid formation of stain marks.
  • In the event of liquid spills, soak the wet area immediately with an absorbent cloth, paper towel, or vacuum cleaner, and follow the stain removal instructions from us.
  • Your carpet should be cleaned by a professional cleaner in accordance with the professional carpet care and cleaning procedures.