Daily Care and Use

We sell carpets are under Festival warranty coverage; so, please follow our recommendations to extend the useful life of your carpet without any problems.

  • Use protective materials under furniture placed on the carpet to avoid indentation on the piles, and possible damage to the carpet.
  • Change the location of the objects on the carpet in certain intervals to avoid indentation on the piles.
  • Long term exposure to direct sunlight may cause discoloration on the piles. Change the location of the carpet frequently or use window blinds in places exposed to sunlight to avoid discoloration..
  • Make sure that the floor is free of damp before laying your carpet.
  • Lay your carpet away from the places that pose risk of liquid spillage and splash to your carpet.
  • Protect your carpet from warm objects with temperatures above 70˚C degrees.
  • Do not pull your carpet with furniture on it. This may cause deformations.
  • Fluff formation can be avoided by cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.